Menacing threat from drug dealer ‘led to burglaries’

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A BURGLAR who broke into three houses in the Rugby area within three months of being released from prison on licence is back behind bars.

As a ‘three-strikes’ burglar,

Daniel Green was facing a minimum three year sentence – and that is what he got after a judge said it would have been longer if not for his early pleas.

Green, 26, of no fixed address, but formerly of Pettiver Crescent, Rugby, pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to two charges of burglary and asked for another to be taken into consideration.

Iain Willis, prosecuting, said the offence Green had asked to be taken into consideration was a burglary at a house in Dreyer Close, Bilton, at the beginning of June when he had stolen goods worth £600.

Green carried out his next burglary at a house in Kalfs Drive, Cawston, near Rugby, on June 10 while the owners were out, and stole property worth £5,800.

His haul included three laptop computers, a Rolex watch, an iPad, an iPod, a digital photo frame, £100 in cash and 100 euros.

Eleven days later Green broke into a house in Main Street, Bilton, and stole a PlayStation 3 games console and games, a television and a laptop worth a total of £1,320.

“They were all daytime burglaries of unoccupied dwellings after smashing a rear window with a brick.

Green was caught after he smashed a window at a house in Cawston Way, Rugby, on June 21 – but the female occupant was at home and called the police who spotted him in the area.

David Everett, defending, said that, as a teenager, Green did not get on with his step-father, so went to live with his grandmother in an area where the people he mixed with were committing offences and drugs were available.

Drugs took over his life, but he did something about it while he was in prison, and when he came out in April he was determined to do something about his life.

“But then his past came back to haunt him”, said Mr Everett. “When he went into prison he owed £1,000 to a dealer. When he came out he was confronted by the dealer who said it’s not £1,000 now, it’s £10,000 or he would have his fingers and the like broken. He made the wrong decision to commit burglary to pay off the dealer.”

Judge Robert Orme told Green: “On the last occasion you received a lengthy sentence of over three years. You would have every reason to expect you would be looking at a longer sentence today, but I am not going to pass a longer sentence.”