Mince pie walking challenge

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RUGBY people are being encouraged to walk over the Christmas period to earn their mince pies.

Research shows that we each gain on average 5lbs over the four week Christmas period and walking for an extra 10 minutes a day can help us stay healthy.

Most of us sit in an office all day and travel by car to get there which means that we spend far less time walking than we should do.

Studies suggest that this gradual and unconscious dependence on our cars leads to significant weight gain over a number of years.

To stay at a healthy weight, we should all increase our physical activity slightly. It’s thought that just walking for an extra 10 minutes a day can make all the difference.

Living Streets have created a website where people can pledge to walk more at www.walkingworks.org.uk.

Visit www.walkingworks.org.uk/calculator to use the mince pie calculator to see how many mince pies you could burn off by walking to the shops, walking the children to school or walking on your commute to work.