Miss Rugby smiling after overcoming disability

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IN the space of a month Chelsie Griffin was crowned Miss Rugby, passed her degree and is now looking forward to the future.

March began with Chelsie being crowned Miss Rugby. Then she passed all her last modules and now has a joint honours degree in education studies and sociology. Chelsie’s success came despite finding out in her second year she has learning disability dyspraxia.

Chelsie said: “I’ve always struggled throughout my years of education - I just thought I wasn’t as clever as anyone else and just had to work a bit harder to get what I was being taught. It got a lot harder at university and that’s when a lecturer suggested taking a test. When I received the results I was surprised - I had never heard of dyspraxia.”

After receiving help and support, Chelsie finished her degree at the University of Derby. Chelsie is now focusing on getting her dream job in the fire service and working hard as Miss Rugby to prepare for the four-day Miss England final.