Moldovan adventure for young carers

The group, including four carers from Rugby, going to the former Soviet state
The group, including four carers from Rugby, going to the former Soviet state

Four young carers from Rugby are off on an exchange visit to Europe’s poorest country next week.

The group, who all look after relatives, will visit Moldova from October 23 to November 3 for a much-needed break from their care duties. But there won’t be much rest - they have a strict schedule of activities from workshops, to sightseeing and participation in a community action project.

The overall theme of the exchange is ‘Citizens of the World’, and they will be meeting other young people from Lithuania, Belarus and Moldova. They will be supported by a youth worker from Warwickshire Young Carers and one from WAYC.

Moldova is a former Soviet state located between Romania and Ukraine.

All the young people taking part had to apply to explain why they wanted to go. As part of the trip, they will be presenting an evening of English culture to the other participants, and they have prepared poems, songs and a play and songs.

Young Carers leader Rachel Woodbridge said: “I am delighted these young people are able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It will really build up their confidence and broaden their horizons, so that they are able to learn about different cultures.”

The project was funded by the British Council’s Youth in Action programme. Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs is working with Warwickshire Young Carers to support the young people through the exchange and other activities, such as pre-learner driving courses and training older young carers to mentor younger ones. There are more than 800 young people who perform caring duties in Warwickshire.