More homes coming for young singles after Rugby Borough Council report says there’s a shortage of suitable property in town

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YOUNG singletons have been unfairly treated by the borough council’s housing policy, according to a report by the authority.

Rugby Borough Council is now looking to improve its housing system so young single people will find it easier to secure a home of their own.

The report, seen at Rugby Borough Council’s cabinet on Monday night, said there were a number of demographic and historic reasons for the shortfall in suitable housing for young people, and recommended the council re-designate some of its housing stock for young singles, with Lever Road in Hillmorton – which is currently used by older people – cited as a possible example.

Cllr Claire Watson, housing need task group chairman, said: “There remains a large and growing group of younger single people who are in need of housing but who have only a remote chance of success in their applications for council housing.

“At the same time, the council has flats and bedsits designated for older people which are hard to adapt for older people’s changing needs and which can be difficult to let to their intended occupants.”

Currently single people who do not have 50 per cent access to children are unable to bid for properties with more than one bedroom, however this is now likely to change in light of the report’s recommendations.

The task group’s report to cabinet added: “The review’s conclusions confirm that certain groups – particularly younger single people – experience unfairness as a result of the way the council’s housing is designated.

“This is not deliberate discrimination but the result of an imbalance in the housing stock that has occurred for a number of historic reasons, chiefly the exemption of most housing for older people from the Right to Buy.”