Morningstar back in home town gig

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RUGBY rockers Morningstar are back in town for a live gig after performing nationwide in a series of concerts.

For just under a year now Morningstar have been rocking as a five-piece across the country.

The band still features the original line-up of Beth Tysall (lead singer), Steve Franklin (singer and lead guitar), Chris Franklin (bass guitar), Mike Ingram (backing vocals and guitar) and Phil Larrassey (drums).

Over the last few months Chris has been a feature artist in the worldwide publication Bass Guitar Magazine, Steve has spent the last two months receiving private tuition from Megadeth’s lead guitarist Chris Broderick via skype and Phil has also received one-on-one coaching from the experts

The band has also appeared in Chalice of Femme Metal e-mag.

Morningstar also got down to the final 30 bands in the European Surface Festival competition.

The organisers were so impressed with their performance that they were invited to be the support band for the Midlands leg of the Surface Festival UK tour.

Morningstar have topped the Roadrunner Records Unsigned Artist World Wide Chart three times in the last six months with all three of their singles, which have been released on Citrus Kiss Records.

The band are returning to Rugby this month at The Vault on Saturday. Morningstar will be supported by two Midlands based bands. First up Glam Metal band Loveless Luck from Birmingham.

Main support is coming from the Hinckley based psychedelic rave rockers Axis Mundi.

The gig is open to all but under 14s are to be accompanied. Entry is £3.