mortgage expert lloyd gives advice on housing market

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There’s news of a triple dip recession. There’s news of the green shoots of recovery.

The housing market is doomed. The housing market is at its height since 2007.

There are no mortgage deals to be had. The mortgage industry is as competitive as it ever was. What is the truth? What can you rely on?

Quite simply, I would ignore it all. The one thing that really matters if your own specific situation. Not what the Bank Of England is going to conjure up next month and not what rejuvenative housing plan our government has in store for us over the next few years.

It’s what matters to you that is important, and how best to accomplish your property and mortgage and protection goals.

I have been working within the finance industry since 1986. This does not give me a crystal ball or any inside information on which way the Governor of the Bank Of England is going to put on his trousers this morning.

What it does give me is an unflappable confidence in the people that I work with day in and day out. It is their decisions that are important. It is their circumstances that dictate actions.

I am sure my mortgage broker colleagues all over town and indeed throughout the UK would agree, that without the client, we are nothing.

I would urge those who are looking at making that first move onto the property ladder to come and talk to an independent mortgage adviser.

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