Mothers told to remove coloured stones from baby graves in Whinfield Cemetery, Rugby

The graves are in the Clover Leaf Memorial Garden at Whinfield Cemetery
The graves are in the Clover Leaf Memorial Garden at Whinfield Cemetery

Two bereaved mothers are heartbroken after being told they have to remove the coloured stones from their babies’ graves.

Tiffany Moore, from Rugby, lost her daughter, India, during her pregnancy in December last year.

I feel like they’ve taken away her present

Casey Darcy

She recently placed white and pink stones on India’s grave in the Clover Leaf Memorial Garden at Whinfield Cemetery, off Clifton Road, Rugby.

But a member of Rugby Borough Council phoned her to ask her to remove the coloured stones.

Tiffany, 21, said she wanted her daughter’s grave to be colourful and personal.

“Losing a baby is devastating, it’s heartbreaking, and I wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst enemy. Her grave is all I have left of her. People always say that my daughter’s grave is bright and beautiful but now it feels like someone at the council is being spiteful,” she said.

Other families have also been told to remove their coloured stones.

Casey Darcy, from New Bilton, lost her daughter, Bailey, during her pregnancy in April 2012.

The 21-year-old recently decorated her daughter’s grave with coloured stones to mark what would have been her third birthday.

But she received a letter from the council last week which stated the coloured stones must be removed by her or a member of the council would remove them.

“I couldn’t give Bailey a present on her birthday so I decorated her grave instead and made it look beautiful. It was really distressing to be told I had to remove them because it was my way of giving something to her on a special day - I feel like they’ve taken away her present,” she said.

A spokesman for Rugby Borough Council said: “Families are welcome to place tributes on graves at the Clover Leaf Memorial Garden and many have been decorated with items such as teddy bears, windmills and wind chimes.

“However, the open plan design of the new section of the memorial garden means we have politely asked families not to use coloured stones or gravel on the graves. The wind causes the stones to move on to nearby graves, which can cause upset for other families.

“Our bereavement services team always endeavour to assist families who tend graves at our cemeteries, but we have a duty to maintain cemeteries to a standard expected by all visitors.”