MP seeks internet pornography restrictions

Mark Pawsey MP is calling for tighter internet restrictions.
Mark Pawsey MP is calling for tighter internet restrictions.

MARK Pawsey MP has joined a cross-party group of MPs to support a campaign for an opt-in access model for internet pornography.

MPs are encouraging UK based internet service providers to restrict universal access to pornographic, and other inappropriate, material by implementing an opt-in system at the network level of their service that uses age verification checks to allow a user to access adult material.

The group is also launching a Parliamentary Inquiry into the current state of online child protection beginning in September. In addition the group has written to David Cameron to ask for his support and to meet ministers to ask for assurances that government will regulate internet content if the industry fails to find its own solution.

Mr Pawsey said: “Parents are understandably worried about the ease with which their children can view pornographic content on the internet. We are calling on British internet service providers to share the responsibility of keeping our children safe online and on Ministers to regulate if the industry fails to come up with a solution.”

He added: “Over 50 per cent of children have access to the internet in private settings and almost one quarter of teenage boys say that they view sexual images online. Research also shows that one in three British children has seen Internet pornography and this is something that must be addressed and something which, as a parent, I am particularly worried about.

“This is not an issue of censorship and must not become one. It is a matter of protecting our children from adult material and my hope is that internet service providers will embrace the call for a new approach in the future to ensure that this happens.”