Much-loved dog on the mend after being hit by a car in Rugby

A dog that was hit by a car in Rugby is on the mend.

Thursday, 5th January 2017, 7:46 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:12 pm
Yuki with his family.

Yuki the 17-month-old Bichon Frise went missing in Cawston on December 11 after he ran off when he was on a walk.

Sammie Lewis, Yuki’s owner, and her family immediately went out to look for him, and then posted on Facebook and contacted Rugby Paw Prints and organisations such as the RSPCA to try and find their much-loved dog.

Sammie, who lives in Barrington Road in Bilton, said: “We started searching straight away and we were out until 2am trying to find him. Soon people from all over Rugby went out to look for him. We had a call from someone saying they had seen him being hit by a car on the Sunday night on Coventry road but he had continued to run away.

Yuki the Bichon Frise

“By that point we were frantic and went back out to look where they said he was hit but he was nowhere to be seen.”

Throughout that week people tried to help find Yuki with drones and thermal imaging and the Lewis family also printed 1,000 leaflets.

In an attempt to find Yuki the family placed some of their clothes in the woods where he went missing in the hope that he might return to the area.

Sammie, who is a mother of three, said: “We placed the clothes and on Saturday December 17 about 3.30pm we had a call that from someone that they had a little white dog in their garden so we went straight there and it was Yuki. We took him straight to vets for pets at Pets at Home.

Yuki is now back home with his family

“He had no flesh on his back leg and the bone was exposed. He is lucky to be alive and it is amazing that he managed to keep himself alive for six days.”

After returning to his family home Yuki is now on the mend.

Sammie said: “Yuki is certainly on the mend now thanks to the fabulous work of vets for pets. We are now visiting the vets every three days to have Yukis leg redressed.

“He is making really good progress and his wound his healing. We do have a long way to go as the wound is still open however it has reduced by about 15 per cent.

Yuki the Bichon Frise

“The childrens’ Christmas was made having Yuki home with us. They are looking forward to being able to take him out walking to meet all of his new friends when he is recovered.

“We are overwhelmed with all the support from the local community of well wishes for Yuki. If it wasn’t for the fantastic work of Rugby Paw Prints and The local community we may not have had Yuki home now.”

Yuki is now back home with his family