Mum moved by Nepal trip

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An intrepid mother from Bilton has been moved by the plight of children in Nepal who spend a lot of their time working on rubbish dumps.

Hayley Lloyd travelled to
Kathmandu to meet and interview children and adults who work on waste sites in the city as part of her work as a fundraiser for international development charity Practical Action.

The Bourton-on-Dunsmore based charity has launched a Safer Cities campaign to provide proper sanitation and housing for people living in urban slums as well as training and education them to give them a long-term source of income.

And the Government has backed the campaign by pledging to match every pound given to the appeal, meaning that any donation the public make will be doubled.

Hayley said: “As mother of an eight-year-old boy, I found the sight of kids of his age spending their time on
rubbish dumps very hard to take.

“I was proud to work for Practical Action. Before we started working with them, the waste picker children were called names, weren’t allowed to travel on buses because people thought they were unclean and often missed out on getting an education altogether.

She added: “But now
thousands of children and their parents are being given access to healthcare and education for the first time in their lives.”

She said children are going to school regularly for the first time.

“Their parents are being trained to make goods so they can make a better living and we are working hard to make the general population realise what an important job they do, so they are treated with more respect,” said Hayley.

Supporting the campaign, Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for International Development said: “By matching pound for pound all public donations to this appeal, we will help Practical Action provide safe drinking water and basic sanitation to over four thousand people living in slums in Bangladesh and Nepal.

More than half of the population of Nepal lives in poverty. Consequently, millions of Nepalese infants live without adequate nutrition, education and attention.

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