Mum’s campaign for new crossing on Western Relief Road in Rugby is successful

Councillors and supporters met at Town Hall to discuss the proposal
Councillors and supporters met at Town Hall to discuss the proposal

A concerned mum who campaigned for a crossing on the Western Relief Road to keep Avon Valley pupils safe is celebrating after her proposal was accepted.

Jane Hutchison, who has two children at Avon Valley School in Newbold Road, pushed for a crossing after raising concerns that students often cut through the patch of the land near Avenue Road to get to the A4071 using the pedestrian/cycle path.

Three councillors in New Bilton and Brownsover have put some of their highways budgets together in order to fund the new crossing on the Western Relief Road in Rugby.

Jane said: “This is such a possitive start to the new term and will make the route for Avon Valley students safer to and from school. This outcome has been made possible from everyones’ support and all those who wrote letters and emailed their concerns.

“It is also going ahead due to the support of Labour councillors Maggie O’Rourke and Alan and Mary Webb.”

Councillor Alan Webb, Brownsover Division, said: “We recognise that, although this site is just in New Bilton Division, the school children attend Avon Valley School in my and Mary’s division of Brownsover.

“A sensible compromise has been that we each contribute about two thirds of our annual highway budgets, put them together and a crossing can be afforded. It is a major contribution for road safety for Rugby secondary school pupils, and this will hopefully ensure they can get to and from school safely in future.”

Councillor O’Rourke said: “When everyone pulls together local solutions can always be found.”

Alison Davies, headteacher at Avon Valley School, said: “I am delighted to hear the news that the crossing is going to put in on the Western Relief Road. I am full of praise for the councillors who are so generously funding this – it will make a significant difference to the safety of our students on their journey to and from school.”