n Couple distressed by unwelcome discovery in Whinfield Cemetery

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A WOMAN said she was ‘disgusted’ when she visited her three-year-old sister’s gravestone and discovered it had been moved and others smashed up.

Iris Baldwin is now unsure if the gravestone has been returned to exactly the right plot where her sister Margaret was buried at Whinfield Cemetery in Rugby.

She said: “I was disgusted to find my sister’s gravestone had been cast aside and lifted or rolled away.

“This wilful vandalism caused much distress.”

Mrs Baldwin’s sister’s Margaret died from meningitis in 1945.

“I’ve visited the gravestone to place flowers and wreaths since all the family have moved away,” she said.

“Now I’m not sure if it’s been put back in exactly the right spot.”

She made the discovery when she visited the cemetery with her husband Malcolm and daughter Miriam. Mrs Baldwin, of Carlton Road, added: “The area looked like the grass had been cut and we thought it may have been linked to the damage. Now we think it’s down to vandals.

“Why would someone do this? It’s very sad.”

A spokesman for Rugby Borough Council said the council hasn’t been grass cutting in the cemeteries over the winter.

“Regrettably it looks as though the gravestone has come adrift from its anchor and been moved.

“We have detailed plans that show us exactly where each burial has taken place and are more than happy to meet Mrs Baldwin and help her to confirm the position of her sister’s grave. We can also look at the headstone and advise her on any remedial work that may be needed.”

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police, said: “It is extremely distressing for a friend or a relative to find that the grave of a loved one has been damaged, as they will be faced with the emotional upset as well as having to cope with the physical damage.

“We would urge anyone who has any information about anyone causing damage in the cemetery to report it to Rugby Town North Safer Neighbourhood team.”