n St Cross nurse was stabbed to death at her home in Rugby

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THE husband of St Cross Hospital nurse Gabrielle Chapman has been convicted of her murder.

Damien Fincher, of Highgate, Birmingham, stabbed the 42-year-old nurse to death at their former marital home in Winfield Street in July last year.

Simon Edwards, prosecuting, told Birmingham Crown Court last week Fincher, 46, had tried to ‘put knowledge gleaned from his interest in CSI police procedure to commit a crime that he clearly expected to walk away from undetected’.

Mr Edwards said Fincher parked his car before approaching his victim’s home ‘quietly and on foot’ on July 31.

Fincher put socks over his trainers so he wouldn’t leave bloody footprints or get blood on his shoes.

In court Fincher accepted that he had caused his wife’s fatal injuries, but claimed he had been high on a cocktail of drugs and that he could not remember doing so.

The couple had been together since 2005, but Fincher repeatedly checked his wife’s phone and laptop to see who she was in touch with throughout their marriage, the court heard.

In 1993 Fincher was also convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to six years in prison after driving a gunman to the scene of a shooting.

Jill Foster, acting chief nursing officer at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, said Gabi’s former friends and colleagues at St Cross hoped the verdict would bring some closure to those who knew her.

She said: “Friends and colleagues at the hospital welcome today’s verdict at Birmingham Crown Court and hope that this will bring some comfort to Gabi’s friends and family.”

Mrs Kustice Nicola Davies adjourned sentencing until June 17, saying she wanted to have more information about the defendant,