National Grid fix gas leak which sparked an emergency situation in Newbold Road

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A gas leak which sparked an emergency situation in Rugby yesterday afternoon (Monday) has now been fixed.

National Grid said it was called to a road just off Newbold Road - known as Avon Mill Lane - just before 3pm on Monday afternoon to reports of a smell of gas.

Police immediately closed parts of Newbold Road after the alarm was raised. Firefighters were also on the scene.

The cordon was later scaled down to just Avon Mill Lane, opposite the Avon Mill pub, which police blocked off.

A spokesman for National Grid said: “We were called to reports of a small of gas on a road just off Newbold Road. There was a gas escape coming from a gas mains in that road.

“We made a temporary repair but there was a slight panic when we thought the railway would have to close.”

National Rail were on stand-by at the scene, while London Midland said that no trains were coming in or out of Rugby railway station while the gas leak was being investigated.

London Midland confirmed the station had reopened and trains were moving again shortly afterwards.

The National Grid spokesman continued: “We made the temporary repair very quickly and by around 8.30 to 9pm we had made a permanent repair on the pipe.

“There was no loss of gas supplies to anywhere else.”

National Grid said it was difficult to establish how the gas leak had happened.

The spokesman said: “It’s one of those things that’s very difficult to establish the cause. Sometimes it can be the weather, the traffic or the general age of the pipes. There was no damage caused to it.”

National Grid thanked everyone for their patience during the disruption.

On Monday last week there was another gas leak over the road in Hunters Lane. Police closed the area off and evacuated the road, while others were told to remain inside after a lorry hit a mains pipe.