Nazi graffiti is scrawled on Rugby British Thomson Houston war memorial

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VANDALS have been condemned for daubing graffiti on a Rugby war memorial .

The British Thomson Houston (BTH) memorial in Technology Drive, the road between Leicester Road and Boughton Road that opened in 2010, had writing in black marker pen scrawled across its mid-section. The memorial bears the names of 418 BTH workers who died during the First and Second World Wars.

The mess, which included names and symbols relating to Nazi Germany, has now been cleaned off.

The memorial, erected in 1921, was restored and moved to Technology Drive from Mill Road.

Major Chris Parnham, chairman of Warwickshire British Legion, said it was insulting to those the memorial commemorates.

“It’s sad that people haven’t got anything better to do - in fact I’m amazed at their mentality. The perpetrators have no respect or reverence for the people who have made sacrifices beyond their comprehension.”

He added: “Desecrating war memorials appears to be quite a recent phenomenon and didn’t seem to happen anywhere near as often a few years back.

“It’s comparable to going inside a church and desecrating that.

“I just don’t know why people do it.”

Site developer St Modwen removed the graffiti. Senior development surveyor Peter Rudd said: “We are shocked and disappointed at this act of vandalism. The Grade II moument plays a key part in the town’s history.”

Mark Pawsey MP, who is taking part in a to visit Auschwitz concentration camp with students from Rugby schools later this month, said: “I am horrified to hear about the vandalism to the BTH war memorial, which has only recently been relocated opposite the new college.

“The current generation in this country owes a massive debt to those who gave their lives to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted.

“I hope those responsible will think long and hard about what they have done.”