Neighbours fight to stop ‘horrendous’ smell from Rugby’s new fuel plant

Residents have started a petition in the hope that action will be taken against the smell
Residents have started a petition in the hope that action will be taken against the smell

Frustrated neighbours are fighting to put a stop to the ‘horrendous’ smell coming from the new Rugby Solid Recovered Fuel facility.

Residents of Parkfield Road say they are ‘fed up’ with the odour from the new plant, which takes in household waste, recycles some of it and shreds the rest of it, turning it into a fuel - called Climafuel - which is then fed next door into the Cemex plant. The waste, which would have been sent to landfill, removes the need for Cemex to use coal and is therefore very environmentally friendly.

The plant was officially opened on September 18, but has been operating for several months.

A group of neighbours have started a petition in the hope of Suez, the company that runs the plant, will take action against the odour.

Terence Bale, a landscape gardener who has lived on Parkfield Road for nine years, said the smell made him feel sick, adding: “As soon as I can get out of my car I can’t get in the house quick enough. The smell is horrendous, it’s the sort of smell you get from a wheelie bin which has had rubbish in it for a week. It’s 150 to 200 metres away from our house and I really wish it wasn’t here.”

The 50-year-old said the smell was ‘awful’ during the summer months.

“We really hoped it would get better as it got colder but I’m afraid it hasn’t. In the summer we couldn’t use our gardens or open our windows because of the terrible smell and the unbelievable number of flies. We had our grandchildren around for a barbecue in the summer but we all had to go inside in the end because the flies and the smell just got too much to bear.”

Manda Henry, of Suez, said the company was working hard to resolve the issue.

“We are aware that there is an odour issue at the Rugby site and we are working really hard to rectify this as soon as possible. This is a new plant and we are working on speeding up the process as the less time the waste spends on site, the less of a smell there is. We want to be a good neighbour so we are modifying our extraction and ventilation systems.”