Neighbours win fight to change law on sewers

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YEARS of campaigning to change a law affecting homeowners across the country have ended in victory for people in Bilton.

When a sewer collapsed on the Woodlands estate 12 years ago leaving neighbours with hundreds of pounds worth of bills, a residents association was set up to campaign for companies to take legal responsibility.

Last week the Government finally passed new legislation meaning that the ownership of private sewers and lateral drains would transfer to the ten statutory water and sewerage companies.

This will mean homeowners will no be longer responsible if anything goes wrong with them.

Pam Brockway, chairman of the Woodlands Residents Association, was forced to pay £1,000 when the sewer collapsed several years ago in Montague Road where she lives.

She said: “We’re absolutely delighted.

“This has been going on for around 12 years and we’ve had four sewer collapses in that time. I’ve been down more sewers than I ever thought I would in my life.

“Thanks to everyone for all their support.”

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey publicly thanked Mrs Brockway in the House of Commons last week. He said: “I would like to acknowledge the work of those who have campaigned on the issue, including my constituent Pam Brockway.”

He also thanked former MPs Jeremy Wright and Andy King for their contributions, and added: “Every homeowner in the country owes a debt of gratitude to those Rugby people who have brought about this change in the law.”