Nesting swans force temporary closure of Newbold Quarry footpath

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A protective swan incubating its eggs has forced the temporary closure of a footpath at Newbold Quarry nature area, meaning that there is now no access from one side of the site to the other.

Unusually high water levels in the quarry mean that the swans are nesting very close to the footpath this year, and now that their eggs have been laid they are aggressively defending their nest.

Chris Worman, Rugby Borough Council parks and cemeteries manager, said: “Swans are well known for their aggression when provoked and when they feel under threat. We’ve tried to find a way to protect these swans, and their nest, but they’re so close to the footpath that the only way we can stop them getting distressed is to close the path altogether.

“We’re very sorry that this will inconvenience visitors to the quarry, particularly as the alternative walking route had to be closed earlier this year due to a landslip.

“I hope that people will understand that we must look after these swans, which are protected by law, and that they will be prepared to put up with this temporary inconvenience.”

The footpath will be reopened once the cygnets leave the nest.