New Asda garage opening in Corporation Street will bring low prices

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ASDA is aiming to lower the price of fuel in Rugby as the supermarket prepares to open a garage in town.

The new Asda petrol station will open in Corporation Street - opposite the Chapel Street store - on Monday December 3. The supermarket chain has taken over from BP.

It said that the opening of the new forecourt will bring the ‘Asda effect’ on petrol prices.

Matt Dodd, store manager at Asda Rugby, said: “It’s great news for drivers that an Asda forecourt is arriving in the town to bring the lowest price fuel to the people of Rugby.

“We just want to help people to save as much money as they can, whether it is on their shopping or on their petrol.”

Asda has led the way on reducing fuel prices three times since October and the supermarket remains the only fuel retailer to have a national price cap.

The AA has confirmed that towns with an Asda are likely to have Britain’s lowest petrol prices.

The news follows months of complaints from Rugby motorists about the high price of fuel in Rugby compared to neighbouring towns.

The Office of Fair Trading is currently carrying out an investigation into petrol prices across the UK.

MP Mark Pawsey said: “Many constituents have contacted me about the fact that fuel prices are often higher in Rugby than in surrounding towns. The news that an additional retailer supplying petrol and diesel will be coming to Rugby is to be welcomed as it will add to competition in the sector and put downward pressure on prices here. The fact that the retailer is known to take an aggressive stance in pricing makes greater the likelihood that our prices will, over time, become closer to those of our neighbours.”

Advertiser reader Kathryn Ramsey: “It can’t come soon enough. Petrol in Rugby has always been higher than surrounding areas and Asda generally is one of the lowest so can’t wait. Hopefully it will drive the other prices down.”