New community speed watch in Clifton upon Dunsmore

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SIX volunteers have been trained to carry out speed check in Clifton.

After local residents raised concerns about speeding through the village of Clifton, six volunteers have now completed training last week to carry out their own speed checks in the village to help to deter the problem.


Community Speed Watch is a Community Forum driven initiative that enables local communities, supported by Warwickshire Police, to become involved in reducing harm and fear arising from inappropriate traffic speed on local roads.

Trained community volunteers monitor vehicle speeds with approved devices at risk assessed sites identified as priority community concerns. Where speeds are inappropriate, Warwickshire Police send notice to drivers to encourage them to reduce their speed in the future. Where drivers fail to take notice of community concerns, they may become subject to Police led speed enforcement activity.


Community Speed Watch is a Community Forum driven initiative that is supported by Warwickshire Police. It is not a Warwickshire Police initiative that communities can ‘join’. Warwickshire Police will support Community Speed Watch schemes providing they operate in accordance with the Force’s Community Speed Watch Policy. Community Speed Watch activity is restricted to routes in settlements which have a 30 or 40mph speed limit.

Community Speed Watch can be considered by Community Forums where ‘speeding traffic’ is identified as a priority community concern. The community will need to provide a scheme coordinator and deputy, with at least 2 other volunteers. The local Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team will then assign a liaison officer to assist the group members with mobilising, managing and supporting the scheme.


If you wish to participate in Community Speed Watch you should contact, or visit your local Community Forum or Safer Neighbourhoods Team. To find your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team, you can visit the Safer Neighbourhoods website.