New defibrillator at Lawrence Sheriff School will help keep Rugby students safe

Acting headteacher Gwen Temple with the defibrillator
Acting headteacher Gwen Temple with the defibrillator

Life-saving equipment has been given to the school where popular teenager Joe Spooner attended.

His dad Stephen praised SADS for giving a second defibrillator to Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby.

Joe died from a heart condition aged just 15.

Since his untimely death, his dad and mum Tracey, have raised thousands of pounds for charity.

The Sudden Adult Death Trust (SADS) UK is urging government to make defibrillators mandatory in all schools.

Stephen, who lives in Newbold, said: “I see it as a tribute to Joe’s memory that Lawrence Sheriff is having another defibrillator in his memory.

“Joe always looked forward to going to school. He would be proud to know that he is helping to keep them all safe.”

Lucy Curzons, who works at the school, praised SADS.

She said: “It is particularly important to us that it is acknowledged that SADS funded this device.

“This is the second defibrillator they have given us - the first was given in memory of Joe Spooner, who was a student here when he died tragically at just 15 years old.”

She said the charity is also funding training for 24 staff.

“The second defibrillator will be kept at Hart Field, which is our sports field in Hillmorton,” said Lucy.

“Both devices are now registered with the ambulance service and if any local resident phones 999 they will be alerted to the fact that a defibrillator is available, and it’s precise location.”

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces their chance of survival.