New defibrillator in Binley Woods will help save lives

Dave Sage, villager Charlotte Newman and team member Ivan Duncan
Dave Sage, villager Charlotte Newman and team member Ivan Duncan

Binley Woods Parish Council has purchased a new heart defibrillator.

The life-saving kit is situated on the front of the village hall complete with a secure heated box.

Councillor Steve Roberts contacted Coventry Transponder Group, led by Dave Sage, for his help after concerns were raised by villagers about possible time delays to the ambulance service, as a result of increased traffic flow along the A46 and through Binley Woods.

The transponder was purchased for £1,400.

Dave and his team held training sessions for villager volunteers, on CPR, choking and use of the transponder and more than 50 people have already been trained.

Dave, who lives at Ryton, said: “We want as many transponders as possible in the area, we have one at Ryton, I hope other villages will follow.”

He also confirmed, the first action must be a call to the emergency services in the case of suspected heart attack. He said: “The emergency service will give the code to open the transponder box.”

Parish Councillor Paul Salisbury said: “Living in a rural area with the increase in traffic could cause delays to the emergency ambulance arrival times. A Defibrillator increases the survival rate by 70-80 percent it is worth every penny spent if it saves just one life. I hope it is a waste of money and we don’t have to use it.”

The chairman confirmed he would like to see the council purchase a further two transponders one for the sports pavilion on the sports ground and one for the furthest part of the village.

The Roseycombe Public House has its own transponder.

The transponder reads out the procedure to follow and where the pads should be place on the chest automatically when opened.