New fostering scheme to help children in Warwickshire

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A new scheme has been launched to lead some of Warwickshire’s most vulnerable young people to a happier and safer future.

The Solo Fostering Scheme Pilot aims to enable youngsters who have been living in residential units outside the county to return to foster care households within Warwickshire.

It aims to provide the young person with a stable home environment where they will have round-the-clock support from a dedicated foster carer who is based at home.

Cllr Bob Stevens, the county councillor responsible for adult social care, said: “The young people who will benefit from this scheme have previously not been able to be placed in Warwickshire or have needs we have not been able to meet using traditional fostering techniques.

“This pilot is an important step towards best meeting the needs of some of our most vulnerable young people.”

The young people that the team aims to help are those who have been recognised as having “emotional challenges” and behaviour patterns that are beyond those of usual children of their age in the care system.

The carers enrolling on this scheme will receive specialist training to enable them to provide good care and to create positive outcomes for the young people.

Cllr Bob Hicks, chair of the children and young people’s overview and scrutiny committee, added: “I sincerely hope this pilot can get off the ground quickly and successfully.

“ It is certainly a huge challenge for anyone brave enough to take it on, but the reward is in being able to make such a great difference to the lives of these young people.”

The authority says that anyone volunteering for the Solo Foster Care Scheme will have access to an extensive support network provided by Warwickshire Fostering Service.

This would include identifying which services are to meet the young person’s needs, ongoing training and 24-hour support through the fostering training team and the out of hours foster care support line, and remunerated with a higher rate of pay than other foster carers..

Call 0800 408 1556 for an informal discussion about the scheme or visit for more information.