New hope for Oakfield Rec as protesters apply for extra protection

Save Oakfield members
Save Oakfield members

A protest group has applied for extra protection to save a much-loved park from housing developers.

Members of Save Oakfield have sent an application to Warwickshire County Council to make Oakfield rec, in Bilton Road, a Town Green.

The Town Green application has the potential to be a real game-changer

Richard Joy, committee member of Save Oakfield

If successful, the status would protect the park from future development.

The land, owned by the Heart of England Co-operative Society, was leased to Rugby Borough Council for 30 years.

It has been earmarked for 62 houses but a planning application has not yet been submitted.

Mick O’Meara, chairman of Save Oakfield, said: “This is a monumental step forward in protecting Oakfield, and I would like to thank all the residents who provided personal statements and to those who gave their names in support, all of which were an important and necessary part of the application.

“A clearly defined process will be now be followed and there will be some highs and lows until the final decision.”

Save Oakfield committee member Richard Joy said: “The Town Green application has the potential to be a real game-changer.

“If the application is successful then a line can be drawn under the whole campaign.

“Requesting that supporters of Oakfield write letters supporting the Town Green application will be by far the single most important thing we have asked of anyone to date.

“We encourage every single person who cares about the future of Oakfield Rec to attend the public meeting and look out for our future newsletters. The objective of both will be to provide useful information designed to help residents write effective letters of support.

“We will outline the considerations of Warwickshire County Council and how you can address those in a favourable way. It is essential that everybody gets behind this application to maximise the chance of the application being successful.”

He added: “On behalf of everyone involved in Save Oakfield Group, it is imperative that we take a moment to thank the New Bilton Ward Councillors who have enthusiastically supported this campaign from day one.”

Residents now have six weeks to submit supporting letters.

Save Oakfield will be holding a public meeting on Monday March 23 at the Indian Community Centre, in Edward Street, at 7pm, to discuss the application.