New Pavilions play area to help fight crime on Rugby estate

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PEOPLE living on the Pavilions estate hope a new playground will help reduce crime in the area.

The recreation area, which is between Bilton Road and Prior Park Road, is due to open on August 27 and will mean youngsters on the estate will have something to do during the long summer evenings. At a recent Community Forum meeting the police also announced they would be stepping up patrols in the area.

Chris Cade, chairman of Pavilion Residents Association, said: “Lately crime in the Pavilions has been down and we’re hoping the park will give younger people in the area more to do when they’re not in school. Anti-social behaviour has been down this year and so have burglaries.

“I’m also glad the police have said they have moved the area up on their agenda.”

The residents association secured a Community Spaces grant to build the park and work began in June.

It was scheduled to open earlier this summer but finishing touches have been delayed due to bad weather. The association is currently organising a launch event due to be held on Bank Holiday Monday August 27 to formally open the park.

Mr Cade added: “We did have a spike in burglaries over a year ago, but the police think that may have been down to people being a bit careless when leaving windows open.

“We don’t want people to think the area has a particular problem with anti-social behaviour because it doesn’t – it’s no worse here than in other parts of Rugby.”

Earlier this year there was a trend in electricity to properties being cut off from outside electricity boxes, but it’s believed that was more of a prank than an attempt to make homes vulnerable to burglaries.