New women’s business network to launch in Rugby

Athena Network
Athena Network

Women in Rugby can now do business over lunch thanks to a new network.

A business group run by the Athena Network launches on March 3 to help women make business connections and grow their business in a supportive atmosphere.

“Our group will give businesswomen in Rugby a chance to find new customers without cold calling or high-pressure selling” said Ann Burton, the Warwickshire regional director.

“We inspire and support women towards success, and help to find business opportunities for each other.”

Meetings take place once a month from mid­day to 2pm. This allows women to meet their family commitments, as it is said most business networking takes place at breakfast or in the evening.

“Part of the reason for success is the co­operative attitude between members,” explains Jacqueline Rogers, Founder of the Athena Network.

“The meetings are enjoyable and informative and provide the foundation for strong business partnerships, as well as friendship.”

This year mark’s the Athena Network’s tenth anniversary.

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