New Year, New Me, New Nando’s


Trying to lose a few Christmas pounds is always tricky, but eating out doesn’t have to mean breaking your ‘New Year, New Me’ diet.

Although chips and cheesecake are on the menu, Nando’s has plenty of low-calorie, high-protein options, guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and not make you feel like you’ve missed out.

I visited the Elliott’s Field branch today (Saturday) around 1pm and had no problem getting a table (or parking at the Leicester Roaed site, despite recent complaints).

Determined to make a good choice, I opted for spicy rice instead of chips and saved myself a whopping 329 calories.

I spotted a fellow diner’s butterfly chicken and the size and succulence twisted my arm. The main comes in at 310 calories, with just 1.9g of saturated fat.

Sensing the meal needed a bit of moisture, I ordered a regular coleslaw to add a bit more flavour. The generous portion contained 264 calories and although there’s only 1.8g of saturated fat, some serious dieters (which I wish I was!) might be put off by the 24g of fat.

Yes, a side salad would of been a better choice than coleslaw but considering my usual carb-based Nando’s order, this was a pretty good meal for me and contained far fewer calories than I would have normally consumed.

The restaurant, which opened on November 18 at the same time as M&S, had plenty of staff to cope with a busy Saturday afternoon and the service was very snappy.

Whether you’re trying to ‘be good’ and fancy some grilled, fresh chicken, or if you’re just catching up with friends and are going all-out with chips, halloumi cheese and garlic bread, Nando’s is a safe bet and you can rely on it for a filling and tasty meal.

Elliott’s Field Shopping Park

Leicester Road

Rugby CV21 1SR

Tel: 01788 568 956