Newbold couple take on Rickshaw Challenge for MS charity

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A couple from Newbold took on aggressive monkeys and life-threatening road conditions to help people with MS.

John and Lucy Green returned from the trip of a lifetime on Friday and have helped raise more than £1,000 for the MS Society so far.

They took part in the Rickshaw Challenge, driving the Indian roads from Tamil Nadu to Trivandrum, in the south west of India.

Lucy said: “The journey was over 1,000 kilometres and we had to deal with high temperatures while battling against buses, trucks and livestock.

“We got lost and broke down so many times - every time locals came to our rescue with directions.”

Part of this extraordinary trip involved completing challenges each day. These could be anything from filling up with petrol at a particular petrol station to finding monuments and temples.

The couple signed up so that they could raise funds for the MS Society, a charity that is close to their hearts.

Lucy said: “My uncle was the inspiration behind the trip because he has suffered for years with this debilitating illness.

He never complains even though his quality of life has been seriously reduced and he is now housebound with carers and nurses calling daily.”

Organisers of the rickshaw challenge -Chennai events management - have pledged further funds 7.5 Euros per person when they receive feedback from the participants of the challenge.

Lucy said: “In all 25 people took part these came from America. Norway, Germany Australia and a handful of Brits. Our team name was adventure before dementia which was probably quite apt being the oldest team taking part!”

She said it was an unforgettable experience in aid of a very worthwhile cause.

To donate, visit and click to donate or text TTUK50 £2 or as much as you can afford to 70070.