North Street offices becoming homes in revamp of Rugby building

Natwest building on North Street
Natwest building on North Street

PLANS for 29 flats above NatWest bank in North Street were due to be approved on Wednesday.

They will be on the building’s first, second and third floors and comprise eight one-bedroom and 21 two-bedroom flats. The space is currently used for offices. The approval was subject to the developer paying local councils £433,547, which will be spent on affordable housing elsewhere in Rugby and Warwickshire’s library service.

Mark Pawsey MP said he welcomed the development as it would contribute to the town centre’s vitality.

“At a time of housing need I am pleased to see proposals coming forward for the conversion of commercial space to residential,” he said.

“This secures a further 29 homes for Rugby. At the same time a mix of uses, with people living in the town centre as well as shops and offices, provides the area with a sense of vitality.”

No organisations or authorities objected to the plans except for Warwickshire County Council’s Highways department, which had concerns over parking, pedestrian drop-off points and problems surrounding rubbish collections. However, planning officers said: “In total the proposal would require a total of 21 parking spaces be provided. None are proposed as part of the development. Whilst in most instances this would be likely to result in a refusal reason given, because of the site’s location in the middle of the town centre, residents would have very good access to a significant level of different bus and train services whilst knowing private parking provision was very restricted.”

They added: “Given these circumstances it is considered that the omission of parking spaces is in this instance acceptable. Waste collection details were also provided in the application and are acceptable.”

Rugby Borough Council’s planning committee was due to discuss the application yesterday evening (Wednesday). Planning officers recommended it be approved.