Not all under-18s are children, says Warwickshire police commissioner

Ron Ball
Ron Ball

The use of the world ‘children’ to describe young offenders has been criticised by Warwickshire’s police and crime commissioner.

Figures published last week showing the number of times Tasers were used on people under 18 prompted calls for a review into the use of the weapons, which deliver electric shocks.

But Ron Ball has criticised campaigners for using the word ‘children’ when discussing the findings.

He said: “It is both emotive and misleading to refer to all under 18s as children.

“This description does not take into account the height and build of some juvenile offenders, and the threat they can pose to police officers.

“Use of a Taser is one of a number of options available to a police officer when faced with imminent danger. In fact, its use is encouraged before officers use a baton or spray, because it does not cause long term harm.

“In Warwickshire, we have had no instances of police officers firing a taser at someone aged under 18.”

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