Now’s the time to move says Rugby mortgage advisor

Mortgage advisor Lloyd Richards
Mortgage advisor Lloyd Richards

Following the ground breaking changes made to Stamp Duty announced by the government in December, Lloyd Richards from LPR Mortgage Services in Rugby is advising locals that now’s the time to move.

Lloyd Richards, one of the Top Rated Advisers in the UK on, said: “Don’t move, improve has been the mantra about moving house for the past eight years. However staying put indefinitely isn’t viable for many families. House prices in our area have significantly increased over the past few years.

“Thanks to recent Stamp Duty changes the cost of moving house has also come down significantly. In fact the Chancellor claims that 98 per cent of people will be better off under the new stamp duty system and I have to agree.”

“The old stamp duty structure meant that the amount of stamp duty paid jumped up when a property went £1 over a threshold.

“Stamp duty was typically the largest cost aside from the property purchase itself so the recent changes are great news for the majority of homeowners.

“The most important financial aspect of moving remains getting the right mortgage. Get this wrong and you could end up paying thousands of pounds extra in interest payments.”

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