Off-duty police officer: ‘good feeling’ saving man’s life

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An off-duty police officer and paramedic stepped in to save a man’s life after he collapsed in the High Street.

PC Matt Phillips, who works at Rugby Police Station, was walking down the High Street when he saw a man on the floor.

PC Phillips, who was on annual leave at the time, immediately stepped in to help the man who had suffered a suspected heart attack.

He said: “He had collapsed and wasn’t breathing. He was unresponsive so I started CPR. I had done about ten to 15 compressions when I looked up and saw a friend of mine Marcus Galligan, an off duty paramedic. I was so pleased to see him.”

PC Phillips continued: “In another turn of luck, a defibrillator appeared from the dentist in the High Street.”

As reported in last week’s Advertiser, Rugby rangers also helped at the scene.

Everyone worked together to look after the man until the ambulance arrived and took him to hospital. It is believed that he was breathing when he left in the ambulance.

PC Phillips said: “He’s a very lucky guy. Me and Marcus were grateful the defibrillator turned up. That really helped. I’d never given CPR before. It’s a very good feeling that I was able to help him.”