Ofsted rank Operation Mayhem in Rugby ‘satisfactory’

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CHILDREN’S safety was highlighted as a concern when education inspectors visited Operation Mayhem in Rugby.

An Ofsted report said management had not effectively minimised some hazards at the facility.

But the management team of the Ken Marriott Leisure Centre said they were pleased with the inspection that took place last month.

Glen Staite-Loveridge said the Ofsted inspector was very positive and felt the general provision offered to the community was very good.

Operation Mayhem (Playscheme) opened in 1996 with the aim to serve the local surrounding areas and it is accessible to all children.

The report said improvements needed to be made relating to the storage of children’s outdoor coats in the room.

Action to rectify this was taken while the inspector was still present and coats are now stored in an adjoining room.

She also commented that while the facility had an access control system in place she would recommend that it should be improved and that a door bell be installed to control access to the entrance. Once again the management team took immediate action and the bell was in place within 24 hours.

The Ofsted inspector commented that the self evaluation procedures are not fully developed to help effectively identify and monitor future improvements. This relates to children that are four years old.

Mr Staite-Loveridge said: “We completely understand this recommendation and we will do our best to make improvements.

“However, the difficulty with a leisure centre is that a child may come once in a week and we may never see them again. Within a nursery setting the child would normally attend the same days every week, this makes it a lot easier to effectively monitor their progress. Most leisure centres are no longer on the early years register because it is very difficult to monitor a child’s progress in a playscheme setting.”

He said the centre is committed to staying on the early years register and ensuring that we effectively manage the self evaluation

“Overall, the inspector was very positive,” added Mr Staite-Loveridge.

“Some of the key areas she pointed out were that children are happy and well settled and have formed positive relationships with their peers and staff.”

Staff provide a range of planned and spontaneous activities to promote children’s learning through play and enable them to make independent choices.