Old Rugby college in Lower Hillmorton Road to be demolished

Former Rugby College site - now in the process of being demolished, to make the site safe.
Former Rugby College site - now in the process of being demolished, to make the site safe.
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RUGBY’S former college will be demolished in an attempt to make the site safer.

Work began at the start of August to demolish the Lower Hillmorton Road building and it’s expected to be complete by March next year,

Contractors are currently working on the inside of the building, stripping out the site before they move on to the main demolition work.

The first phase will be to remove the main central block. College managers claim that because the block is surrounded by other buildings, any noise should be reduced for neighbours.

The next phase will see the surrounding buildings being demolished. The contractors should leave the site flattened and secured with fencing and gates.

Chris Paget, Warwickshire College’s executive director for asset development, said: “We hope residents will agree that by demolishing the old college site we are making the area safer and more attractive for everyone.

“As we have seen, in its current state the site could become an attraction for children to explore or criminals to exploit.

“Residents will be left with a levelled site of crushed hardcore which will be fully secured by our contractors.”

Last month police were called to the site after neighbours reported seeing men stealing lead from the roof. A police chase led to three men being arrested on suspicion of theft. They were later released on police bail.

The site will be remembered by some as the former East Warwickshire College. It merged with Warwickshire College in 2003.

The site closed in 2010 when students moved to the new site in Technology Drive.

Since closing, the site has been used by a number of organisations, including Warwickshire Police for training.