Operation Laser: arrest leads to sentencing for money laundering

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A man has been jailed for two years following Rugby’s biggest ever drugs operation.

Nahim Ali from Alum Rock in Birmingham has been jailed for two years following his appearance at Warwick Crown Court for sentencing.

Nahim Ali, 31, had pleaded guilty at an earlier court appearance to a charge of concealing, converting and disguising criminal property, contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

The conviction follows Operation Laser in November 2011 which was targeting the supply of controlled drugs in Rugby.

The court had heard that during the enforcement phase of Operation Laser late in 2011 a drug dealer travelled to Birmingham to purchase drugs from a man called Riaset Ali. Riaset Ali was subsequently arrested as part of Operation Laser for supplying the drugs. He is currently serving ten years for conspiracy to supply heroin.

The heroin was supplied from two vehicles, a VW Golf GTI and an Audi A3 Quattro. Both vehicles were registered to Nahim Ali. Following the initial arrest phase of Operation Laser in November 2011 an investigation into money laundering was started, focusing on Nahim Ali’s finances and how he came to purchase the two vehicles.

In his guilty plea Nahim Ali admitted he had used money provided by Riaset Ali to purchase the two cars, money which Nahim Ali knew was likely to have come from drug dealing. The cars were registered to Nahim Ali, but were actually owned by Riaset Ali.

Nahim Ali also admitted laundering £25,000 of other unlawful funds and a further £25,000 of drugs money through his bank accounts bringing the total amount of monies laundered to £70,000.

The arrest and conviction of Nahim Ali brings the total number of people arrested as part of Operation Laser 2011, to sixty-one people.

Operation Laser was the largest policing operation of its kind yet undertaken by Warwickshire Police, and resulted in prison sentences totalling more than160 years. The majority of the defendants appeared before Warwick Crown Court during April and May 2012.