Orange lady goes shopping in Rugby’s Asda

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Shocked shoppers in Rugby had their weekly grocery trip brightened up this week by a Rugby mum dressed in a bright orange suit.

Hayley Lloyd covered her entire body, face and head with the tight-fitting all-in-one lycra suit- intended to look like the clay children’s character Morph.

She then headed out to the Asda store in Chapel Street at midday on Sunday.

Hayley donned the odd outfit to keep her side of a fundraising deal she made to work colleagues - she pledged to wear the suit if she raised more than £400 in sponsorship for the unique 100km Nightrider cycle challenge event in London this summer.

Hayley will be one of thousands of cyclists starting the course at midnight on Saturday June 8 and cycling round the major landmarks of the capital before finishing early on the following Sunday morning.

She is taking on the challenge to raise money for Practical Action, an international development charity which works with the poorest people in the developing world to find long-term solutions to the problems they face every day using locally available technology.

Hayley, who works for Practical Action in their offices in Bourton-on-Dunsmore, said: “When I said I would wear this suit if I raised more than £400, I didn’t actually believe I would get to that figure.

“But people have been so generous – either that, or they desperately want to see me making a completely fool of myself in public.”

And it wasn’t the easiest trip to the supermarket Hayley’s ever had.

She said:“The trip itself was pretty humiliating.

“A couple of children even asked their parents ‘what that man was doing?’ and I got a lot of strange looks, but the one good thing was that people couldn’t actually see it was me underneath the suit.

“I suppose I’ve even lost that anonymity now.”

But Hayley, who lives in Bilton, believes the embrarrassment was worthwhile.

She said: “It is all for a great cause - Practical Action is an amazing charity and Nightrider will be a fantastic, though tough, challenge.

“Practical Action helps more than one million people every year get out of poverty by helping them find simple solutions to the problems they face daily and hopefully the fact I will be supporting them will help me get over my embarrassment on Sunday and my fatigue in June!”

If you want to see the face behind the suit, go on to the Practical Action Facebook page and ‘Like’ the charity.

The Nightrider challenge involved 200 cyclists riding on London’s roads at night, with the promise of breakfast at the end. If you would like to take part in Nightrider for Practical Action log on to