Our view: The developers trying to build on Oakfield Rec have a relentless work ethic - what a shame it isn't being used for something else

Oakfield Rec has been fenced-off since 2016.
Oakfield Rec has been fenced-off since 2016.

Rugbeians have been unable to use Oakfield Rec since when the Heart of England Cooperative fenced it off in 2016 - prompting a drawn-out battle between those who want to build on it and those who want to see it returned to be used for the public good.

The work ethic of the developers behind the proposal to build a retirement village on Oakfield Rec should be admired – in the same way that we may have a slight admiration for the skill of those annoying drivers who manage to squeeze into an impossibly tight gap next you – leaving you blocked in.

Isn’t it a shame, we might think, that the developers and those drivers don’t use their skills to plonk themselves somewhere more appropriate - as opposed to attempting to build a retirement village of 62 apartments and 14 bungalows in an area that is hardly rich in open space.

Such tenacity and stubbornness could be put to great use - but unfortunately it is being used to push relentlessly for Rugby council to forced to allow Oakfield Rec to be built on.

To continue to push, through court and through appeal, for permission to build on Oakfield Rec shows a blatant lack of consideration for the wishes and the needs of residents.

And, to their shame, the Heart of England Cooperative has snubbed Rugby council's repeated attempts to buy the park so it can be returned to public use.

Rugby can be proud of its award-winning green spaces – which are so vital to public health and wellbeing.

Developers who seek to concrete over our parks are not our friends and we at the Advertiser wish Rugby council and the campaigners who are working so hard all the luck in the world as this saga continues.

This comment first appeared in a shortened form in this week's Editor's Comment section of the Rugby Advertiser.