Owners’ fears after dog dies of suspected ‘poisoning’ in Rugby

Dog walker Chelsie Grieve with Archie on their walk near to where they found the bread
Dog walker Chelsie Grieve with Archie on their walk near to where they found the bread

A heartbroken dog owner whose pet died suddenly after a suspected poisoning is warning other owners in Rugby to be on their guard.

Mother-of-two Amanda Green was walking her springer spaniel Milo in the GEC recreation ground close to Lower Hillmorton Road before she went to work last month.

“Milo ate something which looked like a bread roll before I had a chance to stop him,” said Amanda, of Morton Gardens.

“When I got home he was sick so I took him to the vets. They did everything they could but couldn’t save him and he died later that day.

“Milo was still a puppy and my whole family is devastated that he’s gone. We miss him terribly and the house feels empty without him.

“We couldn’t even bury Milo because the vet said his body was so toxic it had to be cremated.

“If somebody is behind this, I can’t understand why they would want to harm a dog. I know some people get upset when owners don’t clean up after their dogs but that would not justify anything like this.

“Other dog owners should be aware of what happened to Milo. It was horrible and I only hope it doesn’t happen to anybody else’s pet.”

Chelsie Grieve, who runs her own dog walking business in Rugby, claims to have found bread rolls laced with anti-freeze around the same area of Rugby.

“I’ve disposed of them only to find more near the same spot a day later.

“I’ve heard of two dogs being poisoned and this has got to be stopped. Dog owners in Rugby are understandably all on edge right now.”

On Facebook Rugby’s community of dog lovers have been voicing their concerns and warning of other possible incidents in parks and recreational spaces around the town.

Simon Daniel, director of Rainsbrook Vets, said his practice had not treated any dogs for anti-freeze poisoning, but added that animals can be attracted by the sweet taste of the liquid.

He said: “When out walking owners should always try and keep their dogs where they can see them. That way it will be easier to stop them eating something.”

Sean Lawson, Rugby Borough Council’s head of environmental services, said: “We have received one report from a member of the public and launched an investigation. We found no evidence of poisoning.

“If residents see anything suspicious, it is important they report it so the problem can be investigated.

“Residents can contact our environmental protection team on 533857 or our community safety wardens on 0800 0968800 from 3pm to 11pm, seven days a week.”