Oxfam in Rugby wants your bras

Oxfam, Regent Street, launches its 'bra donations' to charity campaign.
Oxfam, Regent Street, launches its 'bra donations' to charity campaign.
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WOMEN in and around Rugby are being urged to dig deep into their drawers and donate their unwanted bras.

Oxfam has launched the Big Bra Hunt and need forgotten, spare and unwanted bras.

They will be sold by women in West Africa – where bras are hard to come by and the money raised will make a real difference in poor communities.

Vijay Adhyaru, manager of the Rugby branch of Oxfam in Regent Street, sai: “Bras might not seem like the most obvious thing to donate.

Some bras might be sold in UK shops to raise funds for our work worldwide.

Most are sent to Senegal, where Oxfam runs a social enterprise called Frip Ethique.

By working at Frip Ethique, women earn a good salary.

Vijay added: “By donating the bras you don’t wear, you’ll be giving a whole lot of women a whole of support, in Senegal and around the globe.”

Staff, who are mostly women, sort and bundle the bras, as well as other clothes donated in the UK.

They are then sold to local market traders to make money on.

This means they have more to spend on basics like rent and school fees.

Bras are seriously sought after in Senegal because as in many developing countries there are few places with the complex technology needed to manufacture bras.

Donated bras are among the items that make the most money for the project.

“We would like to thank all the generous people in Rugby who have been donating their unwanted bras,” added Vijay.

“Male staff posed with bras to promote the appeal -I would like to thank them too!”

Take your bras to the Rugby branch of Oxfam, 19 Regent Street, Rugby.