Parents worried about groups of drinkers and litter near school in Rugby

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey with the Northlands School Council
Rugby MP Mark Pawsey with the Northlands School Council

A disused snooker hall is attracting groups of drinkers and causing concerns amongst parents of pupils at a nearby school.

Staff at Northlands Primary School have teamed up with Rugby MP Mark Pawsey to try and get something done about the old snooker hall building on Railway Terrace, Rugby.

It is said that groups of drinkers congregate near the building, leaving broken bottles and empty cans behind, making in unsafe for pupils, parents and staff at the school on Pinders Lane.

The School Council is seeking the help of Rugby Borough Council to secure the site and prevent people accessing it illegally. The School Council is made up of class representatives from each year group and in recent years it has raised money for local, national and international charities and taken part in projects, including the planning of the new school library.

Sam Carter, Deputy Head at Northlands Primary said:

“Our School Council asked to meet with Mr Pawsey to seek his support in tackling the problems around the former Snooker Hall site.

“In recent months there has been an increase in the people drinking alcohol, and leaving empty bottles and cans, in the small road beside the school at night. As a school we are keen to find out what is going to become of the disused snooker hall that backs onto Pinders Lane. The school community feel that the building is dangerous given its disrepair and its attraction for littering drinkers. The building has been set on fire in the past and this worried many of the young pupils.”

Mr Pawsey said: “Most mornings staff at the school are having to clear away empty beer cans, bottles and other items of rubbish to make the journey to school, and the area around the school, safe for pupils and parents.

“I have raised this problem with Rugby Borough Council, Warwickshire Police and Rugby First. Regular patrols will now take place near the school site and the Borough Council will be contacting the owner of building regarding its safety and future.”