Parking farce in Rugby town centre leaves couple empty handed

Kevin and Jennifer were unable to use three parking machines
Kevin and Jennifer were unable to use three parking machines

A frustrated couple wasted their lunch hour being passed around on the phone after not being able to use three on-street parking machines in the town centre.

Kevin and Jennifer Nolan, who work on the Swift Valley industrial estate, went into Rugby town centre last Thursday to buy some household items.

But they left empty handed after the first parking machine they tried to use on Regent Street had no tickets left, the second was tilted and appeared to have been hit by a car, and the third machine took the couple’s money but didn’t produce a ticket.

“Everyone says support your local shops but this kind of thing is really going to put people off bothering to come in to town,” Mr Nolan said.

“We spent the entire time being passed around on the phone and no one wanted to take responsibility for the machines.”

Mr Nolan called the help number on the machines and got through to Warwickshire County Council, who passed him on to parking company NSL, and was then put through to Rugby Borough Council, before being transferred back to the county council.

An NSL spokesman said a county council engineer was dealing with the faulty machine and a notice has been put up to warn drivers.

“NSL is responsible for repairing pay and display machines where possible, otherwise our officers report these to Warwickshire County Council for further action. The machine that is tilted at an angle needs replacing but this requires a multi-agency approach. The electrical supply needs to be disconnected by Western Power before the machine can be replaced, and we are informed that this is in progress.”

The county council is looking into maintenance arrangements and 24-hour support.