Patients ‘more satisfied’ with GP service than in 2013 says Healthwatch Warwickshire

Health picture
Health picture

Key issues surrounding health and social care provision across Warwickshire came under scrutiny among industry professionals at the second meeting of patient advocate Healthwatch Warwickshire.

The mental health and domiciliary care ‘ticking time-bomb’, the provision of both services across Warwickshire and further ideas for key priorities for the patient representative body were among the issues discussed.

Healthwatch Warwickshire also revealed the results of a consumer survey focusing on the ease of accessibility to GP surgeries in the county and highlighting issues faced by patients.

The second survey of its kind in two years – the first was conducted by Healthwatch’s predecessor Warwickshire LINK in 2013 – the results revealed an improvement in consumer satisfaction in relation to the service provided by their GP surgeries.

It also revealed the results of Healthwatch’s “Enter and View” project in which every aspect of the patient experience inside a GP practice – from dealings with receptionists and staff to the punctuality of the practice – came under scrutiny.

Established in 2013 Healthwatch Warwickshire works closely with patients and health organisations alike with the sole purpose of giving the consumer a voice in improving services today and in shaping their future.

Concerns raised by patients through ongoing surveys and meetings with Healthwatch are flagged up to the professionals, complete with recommendations.

The same establishments are later re-visited by Healthwatch to ensure the recommendations are implemented and that the new systems are working well for patients and practices alike.

The meeting was attended by more than 60 representatives who took part in workshops looking at the various challenges in their respective professions and possible solutions.

It was followed by an afternoon workshop discussing the importance of personal independence and community resilience as consumers seek to live long, fulfilled, happy lives. The event featured Director of Public Health John Linnane as one of the key speakers.

Chris Bain, Chief Executive of Healthwatch, said: “The workshops proved an extremely useful exercise with plenty of discussion and debate prompting lots of ideas for the priorities we need to incorporate into our plan for the coming year.

“The number and range of ideas shared at the event demonstrate the sheer volume of work that lies ahead for Healthwatch Warwickshire. Our sole aim is to ensure all patients – from Nuneaton to Stratford and from Rugby to Leamington – are empowered.

“That their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed for their own benefit and for those around them.”

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