People ‘need more time’ to air views on housing plan for the BT mast site near Clifton

Pictured: Cllr Leigh Hunt
Pictured: Cllr Leigh Hunt

CALLS have been made to give people more time to have their say on plans to build a massive new development on Rugby’s doorstep.

Cllr Neil Sandison has urged Rugby Borough Council to extend the consultation period for proposals for 6,200 homes, four schools, a major link road, shops and a hotel to be constructed on the former BT mast site near Clifton.

He said: “June 9 is an inadequate closure date for responses, given the magnitude and ramifications on this scheme.

“This development will have a significant impact on Rugby as a whole and we should not blunder into this proposed development without the confidence that the key elements have in fact been addressed.”

Cllr Sandison is among a number of readers to have contacted the Advertiser expressing concerns about the plan.

Steven Bryan of Newton Lane, Newton, attacked claims that the development will benefit Rugby’s shops.

He said: “With the M1 within a mile of their homes and the much better shopping destinations of Leicester, Northampton and Milton Keynes only a matter of 20 minutes away, they aren’t going shopping in Rugby.

“All this road will bring is chaos for the villagers of Clifton and the destruction of one our area’s most popular canal routes with nearly two miles of canalside farmland under threat.”

Responding to the call to extend the consultation period, Anna Rose, head of planning and culture, said the initial consultation will still run until June 9.

But she added: “The applicants will be submitting additional information on certain aspects of the development and we will therefore allow an additional 21 days for public comments, which will start when that information is received.

“It is likely that this additional period will run at least until the end of June. We would encourage anyone who feels they may be impacted to submit their views.”

Details of the planning application and how to submit comments are available at