A&E nurse and founder of Rugby First Responders told she has months to live - can you help to try to save her life?

Natalie Craig.
Natalie Craig.

It is not known exactly how many lives Natalie Craig has saved in her time with Rugby First Responders and then as an A&E nurse in Warwick – but after being told she has months to live, her family is hoping the public will help to try to save hers.

Following a series of unsuccessful treatments for bowel cancer, 44-year-old Natalie from Rugby has been told there is nothing more the NHS can do for her.

Her sister, Hayley Nicholls has set up a Gofundme page in an effort to raise £20,000 to pursue private treatment for Natalie.

Hayley said: “Unfortunately, her cancer was not treated in a timely manner once detected and her bowel cancer had spread to her liver.

“After enduring an emergency operation to remove half of her bowel, Natalie was informed that the tumours in her liver were too large to operate on, so several rounds of various chemotherapy were undertaken to try and shrink them.

“Sadly, the chemotherapy did not work and Natalie, her husband and children are absolutely crushed by the news; aside from recently becoming a grandmother, she also cares for her young son, who suffers with autism.

“The consultant explained that there was nothing more they could offer her on the NHS due to the expense of alternative medical solutions, hence the only available option is to investigate private clinics, which are likely to prove financially prohibitive; therefore we appeal to your kindness and generosity to help raise the figure of £20,000 which would enable Natalie to pursue other non-NHS avenues in treating the cancer.”

Natalie founded Rugby First Responders – a volunteer group which respond to 999 calls and give life-saving treatment.

Her ten-year involvement in the group saw her win awards, and through her hard work, £100,000 was raised for the charity.

Hayley said: “Natalie would give you her last penny and the clothes on her back if she knew it would help a person who needed it more than she did; please help her in her hour of need by donating whatever you can afford. The clock is ticking.”

The page has so fair raised £3,941 .

Click here if you would like to donate.

Fundraising evening at The Griffin pub

Friend Suzanne Greenaway has organised a fundraising evening at The Griffin pub on Kingsway, Rugby.

The event includes a disco, raffle and quiz.

It starts at 7pm on September 28, with the quiz starting at 7.30pm.

All ages are welcome.