Bilton Infant School raise money for charity in classmate’s honour

Bilton Infant School pupils, parents and staff at the Mud Run.
Bilton Infant School pupils, parents and staff at the Mud Run.

Bilton Infant School youngsters have raised thousands for a charity that has provided vital support for one of their classmates.

Last week the Advertiser reported on seven-year-old Eleanor Brinkley, who finally received a crucial liver transplant on Friday, June 10.

The school has spent the last few years rallying round to raise money for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation in Eleanor’s honour - most recently by taking part in a Mud Run.

Headteacher Sharon Harris said: “We had staff, pupils and parents sign up for the Mud Run in April, which raised £1,200.

“Our chair of governors took part on her 50th birthday and ran it with a balloon in tow!”

She added: “Lots of the kids were enthusiastic to get involved because it’s one of their friends but they also know exactly why they’re doing it and how it will help.”

Eleanor’s mum, Claire Brinkley, said: “The school have been amazing - they’re real unsung heroes and have gone above and beyond.”

Claire also updated the Advertiser on her daughter’s recovery this week. She said: “On the liver side of things she’s doing brilliantly. It’s accepted well and it’s working well and she’s coming on in leaps and bounds.

“We have hit a few stumbling blocks and there have been complications. It’s not uncommon for these things to happen but I feel it could be because we waited so long on the list for a transplant.

“It just drives home that point about there being so few people on the organ donation register - if there were more, we might not have waited so long.”

She added: “Again, my plea is for more people to sign up as organ donors, to let their families know their wishes and to make this an acceptable conversation to have.

“I’ve been inundated with messages since we went public on Facebook from people telling me they’ve signed up. It’s great to receive all the cards and presents but for me, getting someone to sign up is the best gift.”

NHS Blood and Transplant said there were 19 people still in need of a transplant in Rugby.

Signing up to be an organ donor takes just two minutes online. Visit: or call 0300 123 23 23.