Fundraiser for Rugby Free Primary School teacher left in constant agony by little-known condition

Amy with her mother Jo and her father Dave.
Amy with her mother Jo and her father Dave.

A Rugby Free Primary School teacher is seeking help after being struck down by a little-known condition that causes her to suffer constant pain that is more severe than childbirth.

Amy Pohl, 25, developed croup in December 2017, and the family alleges that a cannula insertion (a tube inserted into the body) made in an attempt to treat that condition then led to Miss

Pohl developing complex regional pain syndrome and functional neurological disorder.

Miss Pohl has spent the majority of her time since November 2017 in hospital and, for the last five months, she has been in a neurology ward at University Hospital Coventry.

She has no use of her legs or left arm, is fed through a nasogastric tube and suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Miss Pohl’s family has reached out to the world in an effort to raise £100,000 to see Miss Pohl receive private treatment which could give her the chance to walk again, with the family’s being featured in an array of national and international outlets.

In a leaflet circulated to Rugbeians, the family said: “It is abundantly clear that she is unlikely to get better with her current treatment regime within the NHS, the facility does not have the required resources or expertise in meeting Amy’s needs for recovery.

“We are therefore looking at private treatment options, like STEPS rehabilitation in Sheffield, for example.

“But, at approximately £5,000 per week, it certainly isn’t cheap.

“We implore you to support our ‘Help Our Amy to Walk Again’ campaign by donating anything you can and sharing the campaign link on your social media accounts.

“Let’s get Miss Amy Pohl better for the new school year – September 2019.”

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Miss Pohl also has a vlog,