Here is how Rugby's Hospital of St Cross plans to cope with 12,400 extra homes in the borough by 2031

Around 12,400 homes are set to be built in our borough in the next 12 years and the NHS trust which runs the Hospital of St Cross and Coventry hospital has asked for £1.9m of more facilities to cope with the pressure.

Rugby is one of the most rapidly growing boroughs in the country, and a survey conducted by Warwickshire County Council linked this growth with delays in accessing GP and hospital services.

Hospital of St Cross.

Hospital of St Cross.

The borough's controversial Local Plan, approved by Rugby council on June 4, gives provision for 12,400 more homes in the area from now until 2031.

Rugby's Hospital of St Cross and the University Hospital in Coventry (UH), both run by the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) trust, share the responsibility for treating Rugbeians.

St Cross and Coventry hospital are working at full capacity

A report in Rugby's Local Plan states: "These hospitals are now operating at full capacity and additional healthcare infrastructure will be needed to cope with the impact created by future housing development."

The entrance to University Hospital, Coventry.

The entrance to University Hospital, Coventry.

A controversial decision taken years ago means that St Cross no longer has an A&E department - leaving Rugbeians having to travel to Coventry for emergency treatment.

But St Cross does retain a walk in section (for those over five years old) for the treatment of less severe problems like minor cuts and wound care, muscle and joint injuries, strains and sprains, skin complaints, emergency contraception and contraceptive advice, bites and stings and stomach ache.

The NHS outlines what it needs to cope with the expansion

In 2016 UHCW wrote to Rugby council to outline what additional infrastructure it believed it would require should the Local Plan go ahead - and these requests for more facilities have been included in the final plan.

The document, taken from Appendix 3 of the Local Plan, showing UHCW's requests.

The document, taken from Appendix 3 of the Local Plan, showing UHCW's requests.

Here are the requests, which total £1,979,952:

Two more cubicles at St Cross's walk in centre - expected to cost £54,600.

An extra surgical theatre at St Cross - expected to cost £167,500.

55 more parking spaces at each location - expected to cost £200,000

Between St Cross and UH: one CT scanner, one MRI scanner and one endoscopy room - all expected to cost £533,052.

Expansion of the A&E at UH, to include more bays - estimated to cost £1,024,800.

When will these extra facilities come, and who will pay for them?

All of these requests are listed as 'ongoing' in the Local Plan - meaning there is not yet a set date for when they would be implemented.

The costs for these requests have not yet been apportioned, but the money could come from a range of sources including housing developers and the NHS itself.

The Advertiser has contacted UHCW to see if there is any further information about the extra facilities, when they will be built and who will pay for them.

We will publish the response when we receive it.

What about GP services?

GP services are counted as a separate category in the Local Plan. The Advertiser will report on this category in a future article.