Hillmorton cat had his jaw smashed to pieces in suspected attack - can you help him get better?

A Hillmorton family is appealing for help after a cat they saved from abandonment has been left with horrific injuries following a suspected attack.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 1:41 pm
Left: Mr Armitage feeding Elvis through a tube and, right, Elvis' injuries.

For two months Elvis the cat had been settling in well with the Armitage family - who saved him after his previous owner had abandoned him and thrown his belongings in a bin.

On the night of Friday, October 18, Callum Armitage was preparing to go for bed - he had called Elvis in but had heard nothing.

Then, at 12.30am he heard Elvis at the door.

Elvis before the suspected attack.

Mr Armitage said: "He was soaking wet - at first I thought he'd been playing in some puddles but then I saw it was blood coming from his jaw.

"I can't describe what his face looked like."

Mr Armitage brought Elvis inside to safety and he alerted his partner.

And his grandma, an animal lover, immediately came to the house to help.

They called the emergency vet, who went through a checklist and then suggested that it would be best to bring Elvis in first thing the following morning.

When Elvis was first brought to the vet the finding was that he was missing two teeth and his bottom lip was hanging off.

But as vets operated they discovered the damage was far worse than they had thought.

Mr Armitage said he had a phone call to tell him that part of Elvis' jaw bone was missing, and the centre had been smashed into three parts.

"The vet said the cost would be around £1,000. Because we hadn't had Elvis long, she gave me the choice to have him put down," he said.

Mr Armitage refused to have Elvis put down, he said: "It doesn't matter that we haven't had him long.

"He's well-loved and after being abandoned he deserves a chance to live."

Although the family first suspected Elvis had been struck by a car, vets said his injury was not consistent with that idea.

Because Elvis has been injured with such force in a single area, it is suspected he could have been attacked.

And wear on his front claws indicates he could have been dragged by his hind legs.

Elvis had a second operation on October 21 because more tissue around his jaw had died and infection was becoming a problem.

"There's only so much tissue you can remove, so this is his last chance," Mr Armitage said.

Elvis is now on antibiotics and, if he survives, he is going to have to be fed through a tube for the next six weeks.

The ongoing treatment has already seen the family have to put £1,000 on credit cards, and now they are asking Rugbeians for help to continue Elvis' treatment.

Mr Armitage said: "It's so tragic many tears have been shed.

"He is still showing his cheeky side and giving us constant cuddles, even after all this.

"Any help to try and keep Elvis alive will be hugely appreciated."

The family is hoping to raise £1,000 to cover additional vet bills and the £480 that Elvis' liquid food for six weeks is going to cost.

How is Elvis doing? Mr Armitage said: "He's living up to the name - he's fighting well, and we think that's pretty rock and roll."