'My pizza is late' - Warwickshire Police reveal ridiculous 999 calls that cause delays for those with real emergencies

Wanting officers to collect pizza and asking when Marks & Spencer opens - these are some of the ridiculous calls Warwickshire Police receives on a line meant for emergencies.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 12:07 pm
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Police advise that you should call 999 when offenders are nearby, life is at risk, injury is caused or threatened or when there is a crime in progress.

But officers working in Warwickshire Police's control room have revealed that some people view a late takeaway delivery or the need for a plumber as a police emergency.

One officer said: "On one occasion I recall, we had a call from a young gentleman believing we could actually collect his pizza for him.

"There seemed to be a delay and he thought that if he called the police we could possibly go out and collect it and take it home."

Another said: "The one that sticks out is a gentleman who wanted us to go on blue and twos to a well-known food company that hadn't delivered his dinner.

"I had one earlier going, 'oh I meant to ring direct enquiries and I need a plumber. So yeah - we get these on a daily basis."

Another said: "The most ridiculous was somebody ringing to ask what time Marks & Spencers open on a Sunday because he wanted to get his wife a new dress.

"If people don't know who to ring they will just ring the police."

One officer said every weekend they have at least one 999 call in which someone demands a lift home because they have been drinking.

Warwickshire Police said that when someone calls 999 for an inappropriate reason they will be 'politely but firmly' advised of the correct number or agency to call.

If the caller persists, police will be terminate the call.

Alongside inappropriate calls, Warwickshire Police also hasve to contend with deliberate 'hoax calls' which take up time and cause a delay in answering and dealing with genuine emergencies.

Those found to be making deliberate hoax calls can face prosecution.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire Police said: "While the majority of our 999 calls are for genuine emergencies, unfortunately we also get a number that aren’t.

"Please think before you dial."